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Inside Neeva, the ad-free, privacy-first search engine from ex-Googlers

Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan helped turn Google into an ad giant. Now they’re starting over with a service whose only customers are its users.

How an ex-Googler is building the future of search

Neeva's pitch is pretty simple: It's search without the ads. It's a cleaner, nicer-looking system, and one that doesn't try to game users into clicking on things they didn't want.

Former Google executive launches anti-Google search engine

Sridhar Ramaswamy, former Google Ads SVP and Neeva CEO, joins ‘Tech Check’ to discuss how his subscription-based search engine which will take on Google and makes the case for why people would pay for search.

The founder of a new ad-free search engine bets people will pay for privacy

Neeva, founded by former Google executives, will charge $4.95 per month. Sridhar Ramaswamy says the project could not have been attempted at his former company.

A Google Alum Wants to Make Search Pure Again

Giants like Facebook and Google have long resisted the concept of paying newspapers and information services they link to or include in feeds, but Neeva is willing to share income with partners.
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Neeva is readying a July launch and pledging to share 20% of its revenue with publishers

Neeva says it will commit to sharing "at least 20%" of its revenue with content creators, offering payouts when their content directly answers a user's search query.

Search engine startup Neeva to pay Quora, Medium for results

Neeva said it would share at least 20% of its sales with content partners such as Quora and Medium in another break from search giant Google, which for years has faced criticism for not remunerating publishers.
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Google’s former ad chief is challenging its search engine monopoly

We see our long-term responsibility in supporting the monetization of long-tail content in ways that don’t all completely depend on ads.
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The ex-Google chiefs turning their back on ad-heavy search engines

The goal is to create a deeply personal search engine that can trawl through emails and other files to provide the most relevant information.

After Building Google’s Advertising Business, This Founder Is Creating An Ad-Free Alternative

“Neeva users will get the search results they want rather than what advertisers want them to see.”
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Search engine start-ups try to take on Google

“...Neeva’s most radical departure from the Google playbook is that it charges a subscription, promising fewer ads and greater privacy.”
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Google’s Antitrust Trifecta: The Information’s Tech Briefing

“Sridhar Ramaswamy, sees an opportunity—he is developing a search engine that will be ad-free and focused on giving people the best results.”

United States vs Google vindicates old antitrust gripes from Microsoft

“Neeva is developing a paid, privacy-focused search engine … ‘We hope the DOJ’s actions will create a more equal playing field for search apps like Neeva that want to create real options for customers.’”
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Google antitrust case could topple ‘monoculture’ in search, says former ad chief

“Part of my reason for starting Neeva was I did not want this very important function [search] to become a monoculture,’ says Ramaswamy.”
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Davids take on the Google Goliath

“His [Sridhar Ramaswamy’s] bet is that an engine spitting out ad-free results — with other features, such as an ability to scan personal data stored on, say, your laptop — will be a compelling alternative.”
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A Former Google Executive Takes Aim at His Old Company With a Start-Up

“Neeva is a search engine that looks for information on the web as well as personal files like emails and other documents. It will not show any advertisements and it will not collect or profit from user data.”

He ran Google’s advertising arm. Now he’s building a search engine that cuts out ads

“Perhaps in the ultimate rebellion against his former employer, Sridhar Ramaswamy, once head of Google’s $115b advertising arm, has founded a new search engine that neither shows ads nor profits from user data.”