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The IFrame player API allows you to embed a YouTube video player on your website and control it using JavaScript functions such as queuing videos for playback, playing, pausing, or stopping videos, adjusting the player volume, or retrieving information about the video being played. 1

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Supported values are 0 and 1 , and the default value is 0 . Note: This parameter has limited support in IFrame embeds. To loop a single video, set the loop ...
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Did you know that YouTube has a powerful JavaScript API for controlling its embedded ... to allow these functions to pause and play the video in the iframe, ...
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lightbox, by first creating a responsive Youtube player, then using Youtube Player API to ... which lets you dynamically add or remove the Youtube iframe on ...
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Little experimentation with the JavaScript iframe API of YouTube. CodePen version of this example:
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The IFrame player API lets you control the YouTube player using JavaScript . Using the API ’s JavaScript functions, you can: Queue videos for playback Play, pause, or mute those videos Adjust…
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The Youtube IFrame API allows you to embed a YouTube video player (using an IFrame to contain the video) on your website and control the player using their JavaScript API …
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A.2. LazyLoad YouTube iframe. Now all that we need to do, is to include the iframe of the YouTube video, be sure to add the lazy class to the iframe, …
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