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Computers running volume licensed editions of Windows Server, Windows 10, 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 are automatically KMS clients and can be activated with a KMS host running in their deployment. Additionally, users can install the applicable setup key (GVLK) from the tables provided by Microsoft 1 if they are converting a computer from a MAK or retail edition of Windows to a KMS client. A complete list of GVLK keys is available on the Microsoft website. 2

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KMS Keys

Microsoft has posted the online documentation for the KMS keys for their latest OSes. The KMS keys we’ll be most interested in are these:
KMS Client Setup Keys for Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 – NC State Active Directory

Summary GVLKs or KMS Client Setup Key is a list of public keys that must be used to activate volume editions of Windows and Windows Server. A complete list of GVLK keys is available on the Microsoft website at the following link .
How to Activate Windows with your KMS Server - KMS License Key List

To activate these products with VA, you can use either a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) or Key Management Service (KMS).
Product Activation/Keys | Microsoft Volume Licensing

How to activate Windows Server 2019 ... information outlines initial planning considerations that you need to review for Key Management Services (KMS) ...
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How to activate using Key Management Service in Windows 10. ... activation of Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 R2 by using a Key Management Service (KMS) ...
Activate using Key Management Service (Windows 10) - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs

Activation Management Tool (VAMT) to install Generic Volume License Key (GVLK), or KMS ... Note By default, volume license editions of Windows Vista, ...
Install a KMS Client Key (Windows 10) - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs

Windows 10 KMS Keys. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
Windows 10 KMS Keys · GitHub