why shouldn t we sleep facing north


According to Hindu mythology, sleeping facing north can cause the body to give up positive energy. 1 Science also suggests that sleeping facing north can affect blood circulation and cause disturbed sleep. 2 Additionally, sleeping with the head facing north can attract iron to the brain, leading to headaches 2 , and disrupt blood circulation. 3 Therefore, it is best to avoid sleeping facing north.

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Summary When we sleep facing North, the magnetic pull of the direction attracts iron, which gets accumulated in the brain. This is the reason why many people complain of getting a headache when they wake up. Sleeping with your head pointing North can also disrupt your blood circulation and lead to disturbed sleep.
Why you should never sleep with your head facing North

Summary Because its core is filled with iron and spins at great speed, the Earth has a magnetic field that goes from north to south. According to this philosophy, if you sleep facing north, you make the positive pole of the Earth coincide with the positive pole of your body – located theoretically in your head – making both repel each other.
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Sadhguru: In India, you were told that you should not place your head to the north while sleeping. Why ? Your heart is not located half-way down, it is placed three-fourths…
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While some studies have shown that sleeping in this south-to-north direction can lower blood pressure (thus improving sleep), there's not a lot of scientific evidence to back up the claim.…
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After a period of three months, those who slept in the north-south orientation had lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and longer sleep overall. As a result, the researchers concluded…
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In fact, when you position your body horizontally, you can immediately make out that your pulse rate drops. Plus, sleeping with your head facing the North can disrupt your blood…
Here's why you should NEVER sleep with your head facing the North!

As such (and as noted above), you shouldn’t sleep with your head pointing northward, according to practitioners. Some sleeping suggestions are similar to those of feng shui. They include:...
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