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Yahuah and Yahusha are two names of God, which are derived from the Tetragrammaton, a four-letter word that is pronounced differently in both English and Hebrew. The name Yahusha is a combination of Yahuah's Name into a contracted personal name יהו (YAH: yod-heh vav) and SHUA שע (shin-ayin), which means Yahuah is our savior. 1 The Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament tells us that the name Yahusha means Yahuah is salvation. 1 Both names mean 'Yah saves'. 2 3

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Summary YAHUAH is a Hebrew word found in the Bible that is transliterated as "The Lord" in most English translations. It is a title of God, not a name, and is found in the Tetragrammaton, which is a four-letter word that is pronounced differently in both English and Hebrew. The Tetragrammaton is a system of letters that is arranged in a way that is logical and logical, and is used to refer to the Creator of all things.
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Summary Both names mean 'Yah saves'. As a result, it is a commonly accepted fact within academia that Jesus' native Hebrew/Aramaic name
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Yesha (יֶשַׁע) (Strong's H3468) or יֵשַׁע yêshaʻ; from H3467 (yâshaʻ); generally is construed as meaning liberty, deliverance, prosperity: i.e., safety, salvation, or saving. Yeshu’ah (יֵשׁוּעַ) (Strong's H3442), is specified as…
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His Name is pronounced YAHUAH (Yah-OO'-ah). His Name is spelled with four Hebrew letters, written from right to left: yod, heh, vav, heh. This is often referred to as the …
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This name Yahuah is the Key of Knowledge and Yahusha is the door which we stick the key into to get that knowledge. We must be immersed into the name …
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Joshua – Real name is YAHUsha (H#3091 – יהושׁע) = “ YAHUAH saves by way of the Lamb” This is also the authentic name of the Messiah. Isaiah – Real name …
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meaning : “ Yahuah is Alahiym or Yahuah is mighty” Joel: Amus meaning : “Burdensome” Amos: AbadYahu meaning : “Servant of Yahuah : Obadiah: Yunah meaning : “Dove” Jonah: MiykaYahu meaning : “Who is like Yahuah ” Micah:…
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The Eternal Father is calling His people to the ostentatious significance of restoring His set-apart name YAHUAH . It also applies to the name of His Son YAHUSHA haMashiach ,…
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