who invented the tape measure


The tape measure was invented in 1829 in Sheffield, England by James Chesterman. 1 Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, Connecticut improved on the tape’s design in 1868. 2 It was made of steel and was made from the left over wire that was used for hoop skirts. 2 It is a flexible ruler used to measure length or distance. 3

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Summary One of the first documented tape measures arrived on the scene in 1829 and was patented by James Chesterman. This first tape measure was made of steel and was made from the left over wire that was used for hoop skirts.
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Justus Roe, a surveyor and tape -maker by trade, made the longest tape measure in 1956, at 600 feet (183 m). [13] The Northern Virginia Surveyors Association presented the 600-foot, gold-plated…
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In 1829, Chesterman patented a spring tape measure that utilized flat metal with marked measurements. The metal was cased inside of a donut-shaped leather case that made the tool easy…
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The invention originated in Sheffield, England, historic center of England's steel industry. An official city marker on an old factory there recounts that James Chesterman patented the spring...
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Roy Nosek, the founder of Keson tools, introduced the first fiberglass long tape measure to the US market in 1968. The unmatched durability of fiberglass gave these measuring tools the …
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The tape was invented by American surgeon Horace Day in 1845. He was trying to find a way to repair his injured finger and wound up using a strip of…
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