what is the acquisition cost for apps


The average cost to acquire an app user is around $2.24 to $3.52, according to. 1 2 3 This cost includes marketing spend, development and overheads. 1 The cost can vary depending on the user action and operating system used. 3

According to

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Summary As of August 2019, the average cost to acquire an app user who registered with an app or created an account was 3.52 U.S. dollars. Mobile app user acquisition costs can vary widely between user action and operating system used.
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Summary On average, across multiple app categories, it costs app marketers to acquire a mobile app user $2.24 via ironSource and $3.2 via Liftoff.
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Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the amount that you spent for each newly-acquired user of your app, over a given time period. It’s an important metric for your app marketing…
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The term used to describe app user acquisition cost is cost per install, or CPI. CPI is calculated by dividing the total costs of relevant sales and marketing activity by…
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Average customer acquisition based on industries are: Travel: $7 Retail: $10 Consumer Goods: $22 Manufacturing: $83 Transportation: $98 Marketing Agency: $141 Financial: $175 Technology (Hardware): $182 Real Estate: $213 Banking/Insurance:…
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Bango - Target audiences you’ve never reached who will pay in your apps . Gummicube - Get the best app store optimization service from our experts. SocialPeta - #1 Ad Intelligence…
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Cost per registration (CPR) – Advertisers pay a fee for every user who registers for the app after viewing an advert. Cost per subscription (CPS) – Advertisers pay a cost …
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