what is a twitter handle


A Twitter handle, also known as a username, is a unique name used to identify an account on Twitter. It appears at the end of a unique Twitter URL 1 and no two usernames on the social network are the same. 2 When using Twitter, users are encouraged to use a Twitter handle. 3

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Summary A Twitter handle is the username that appears at the end of your unique Twitter URL.
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A Twitter handle is not the same as a Twitter name. Twitter handles appear after the @ sign in your profile URL and it must be unique to your account.
What is a Twitter handle? | Sprout Social

Summary A Twitter handle , which is commonly known as a username, is the name you use to register on Twitter . Since it serves as an account’s identifier, no two usernames on the social network are the same. That means you can’t use a handle that’s already been claimed by another user.
What is Twitter Handle?

You can change your Twitter username via twitter.com, or through your Twitter for iOS or ... Your username –– also known as your handle –– begins with ...
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Summary A Twitter handle is simply the Twitter name shown when you post a Tweet. When you are using Twitter , you are encouraged to use what is called a Twitter handle.
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Are you wondering what's your Twitter username or handle? Read the post to know how to find and change your Twitter username.
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Read about what to do if a Twitter username (handle) you'd like appears to currently be in use.
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A good Twitter handle can make or break your impression as a brand/influencer/individual. Learn how you can select the best one for yourself.
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This Twitter language guide defines the slang and lingo of tweeting in plain English. ... Handle, Username -- A Twitter handle is a username selected by ...
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Has your name been taken on Twitter? Wondering what other name to choose? Find out how to ... acronyms won’t make for a memorable twitter username (handle)
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