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The three dots menu is commonly referred to as the "More Options icon" 1 , although there is no universally agreed upon official name for it. 2 It is also known as the "kebab menu". 3 It is an icon used to open a menu with additional options, often located at the top-right or top-left of the screen or window. 3

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Summary There is no universally agreed upon official name for all of these icons other than maybe menu icons. There are different icon creators, like FontAwesome and Material Design , who use different names for all their icons which makes it a little difficult to nail down a concrete name for these icons.
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Google and some other developers have introduced us to what some have called the hamburger menu button and now the 3 vertical dots button or vertical ellipsis.
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Find answers to Name for icon with three vertical dots from the expert community at ... I would call it the Menu icon. Used to be 3-bars and nicknamed the ...
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Summary The kebab menu , also known as the three dots menu , and the three vertical dots menu , is an icon used to open a menu with additional options. The icon is often located at the top-right or top-left of the screen or window .
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An ellipsis is made up of three contiguous periods. Technically, the dots in an ellipsis ... Regarding this, What is the 3 dot menu called?
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The hamburger button (the triple bar ≡ or trigram symbol ☰), so named for its unintentional resemblance to a hamburger, is a button typically placed in a top corner of a graphical user interface.[1] Its function is to toggle a menu (sometimes referred to as a hamburger menu) or navigation bar between being collapsed behind the button or displayed on the screen. The icon which is associated with this widget, consisting of three horizontal bars, is also known as the collapsed menu icon.
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The ellipsis ... (/ɪˈlɪpsɪs/, also known informally as dot dot dot) is a series of dots that indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning.[1] The plural is ellipses. The term originates from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis meaning 'leave out'.[1]
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The character " ⋮ ". An ellipsis (three dots ) vertically aligned. It is sometimes used to communicate the continuation of a list vertically as opposed to ...
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This article focused on three dots operator in javascript. Tagged with javascript, es6, ... three dots (…) occurs in a function call or alike, it's called a ...
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An ellipsis (plural: ellipses ) is a punctuation mark consisting of three dots. Use an ellipsis when omitting a word, phrase, line, paragraph, or more from a ...
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