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Vivaldi Browser offers a range of audio settings to control sound from tabs, including the ability to play all audio from all tabs at all times. 1 It also allows users to organize tabs into stacks and view them in compact or full size 1 , as well as tile tabs to create a split-screen view of several websites. 1 Additionally, users can mute tabs by clicking on the speaker icon that appears when a tab is playing audio. 1

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Summary Just look for the speaker icon which shows up when a tab is playing audio, and click on it. If you want to see what other sound controls we’ve built into Vivaldi, go to the audio settings in Settings > Tabs > Tab Features > Tab Muting. ✔️ The default option, “Play All Audio”, allows audio to play from all tabs at all times
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The Vivaldi DAC features AES3, Dual AES, SDIF-2 and S/PDIF inputs, along with an asynchronous USB 2.0 interface. Its enhanced digital volume control allows direct connection to a power amplifier, …
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The Vivaldi DAC has six filter options for PCM, with four more for DSD playback. dCS says that with PCM data, the first four filters give different tradeoffs between ultrasonic…
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