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Vercel offers three account options: Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise. Hobby accounts are free and intended for personal, non-commercial use. 1 Pro accounts offer additional features and are available for a monthly fee. 1 Enterprise accounts are tailored to the needs of larger organizations and offer additional features and support. 1

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Summary Vercel accounts are available in three forms and offer both free and paid options to suit the needs of all users. These options consist of Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise. Every personal account on Vercel is a Hobby account. Hobby accounts are free of charge forever and are for personal, non-commercial use .
Does Vercel offer a free trial? – Vercel Docs

Check out the detailed pricing information for Vercel. Explore pricing tiers and compare ... starts at $20.0 per user per month. Vercel has a single plan:
Vercel Pricing: Cost and Pricing plans

What is the ZEIT (Vercel? 😕 ) thought here, do you expect people to just move all smaller projects to personal accounts and roll with the Hobby plan with ...
Summary of the new Pricing changes (2020-04-08) with associated new limits/cost · Discussion #4029 · vercel/vercel · GitHub

Netlify and Vercel are serverless deployment platforms for web applications, both ... Both Netlify and Vercel have generous free plans. You can see the full ...
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Learn about our limits and pricing when using Web Vitals with Vercel Analytics. Different limitations are applied depending on your plan.
Limits and Pricing for Web Vitals | Vercel Docs

This reference covers a list of all the limits and limitations that apply on Vercel. ... On the hobby plan, you are limited to two daily cron jobs. This means ...
Limits & Limitations | Vercel Docs

Information on upgrading to a paid plan on a personal account. ... would like be on a paid plan such as Pro or Enterprise , you will have to create a Vercel ...
Can I upgrade to a paid plan on my personal account? – Vercel Docs

What does it mean if I see a red banner in my Vercel dashboard telling me my plan is to be deprecated?
Legacy Plans Deprecation | Vercel Docs

covers frequently asked questions around payments, invoices, and billing on the Pro plan. ... The Vercel Pro plan is perfect for Teams with moderate bandwidth ...
Payments & Billing for Pro Plan | Vercel Docs

On their enterprise plan you can discuss with Vercel which limits needs adjustment. And their enterprise plan starts from $3k a month. Their sales team is ...
Vercel pricing, how does it scale? : r/nextjs

A list of limits and limitations that apply on the Vercel platform. ... For Teams (Pro plan), it can be increased to up to 3008 MB .
Limits - Vercel Documentation