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Vector images in EPS format can be edited in PowerPoint by ungrouping them, allowing individual pieces to be formatted. 1 This process works the same way as ungrouping clip art, but may not work if the shapes are made of gradients and not solid colors. 1 EPS files can be imported into PowerPoint and broken apart by ungrouping. 2

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Summary Microsoft has gotten rid of clip art for PowerPoint, but there is still a way to edit free vector images in PowerPoint. If the vector image is in.EPS format, it may be able to be edited in PowerPoint. This process works the same way as if you were ungrouping clip art, but it can break down if the shapes are made of gradients and not solid colors.
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Summary What that means in PowerPoint is a vector file or graphic (like a map of the United States) that you can break apart by ungrouping it, so that you can format the individual pieces as you can see in the picture below.
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Many people don’t realize that PowerPoint can be a suitable option for working with vector graphics. Tom Kuhlmann has a nice post on working with .EPS files ...
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Other ways to export PowerPoint to Vector You can save your PowerPoint presentation as PDF and then open the resulting PDF document in Photoshop or Illustrator.
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