unprovoked why a woman would block you


Women may block someone because they have strong feelings for them, such as love or admiration. This can be due to feeling overwhelmed by the person's demands or immaturity. 1 To communicate with a woman who has blocked you, it is important to understand her emotions and look for the stimuli that caused her to block you. 2 It is also important to give her time and approach her in a kind way. 2 If the block is due to an insult, it is best to accept it, return the insult with humor, or ignore it. 3 It is also possible that the woman blocked the person because she felt he was emotionally weak or not satisfying in the bedroom. 4

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Summary Anger. Anger is a weak response, and this is for three main reasons: It shows that we take the insult, and therefore the insulter, seriously. It suggests that there may be some truth in the insult. Acceptance. Acceptance may seem weak but can be the strongest response of all. Hear me out. When someone insults us, we ought to consider three things: whether the insult is true, who it came from, and why. Returning the insult. There are a number of issues with returning the insult. First, your riposte has to be clever and cutting, or at least apt; and, second, it has to occur to you at just the right time. Humor. Cato the Younger, the Roman statesman and stoic philosopher, was pleading a case when his adversary Lentulus spat in his face. After wiping off the spittle, Cato said: "I will swear to anyone, Lentulus, that people are wrong to say that you cannot use your mouth."
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