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Good typography is essential for making text legible and readable. Contrast between text and background is key for readability, with black text on a white background being the most readable. 1 2 Too many fonts can be a struggle to adjust to. 2 Typography should also establish a strong visual hierarchy, provide a graphic balance to the website, and set the product’s overall tone. 3 When choosing typefaces for an interface, consider the eight essential typographical design elements. 3 Serif faces are often regarded as more legible, as they allow the eye to flow more easily over the text, improving reading speed and decreasing eye fatigue. 1 Additionally, typography tricks such as mastering leading, using hanging quotes, and giving emphasis can help to make text more readable and stylish. 4

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Summary History tells us that serif faces have always been regarded as more legible, as they were almost always used in print for large passages of text. The serif faces allow the eye to flow more easily over the text, improving reading speed and decreasing eye fatigue.
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Summary The more contrast between text and background the more readable the text will be. Black text on a white background is the easiest to read. From there every combination makes text less readable. Number of different fonts: Using too many fonts in a single design can be a struggle to adjust to.
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Typographic clarity comes in two flavors: legibility and readability. What’s the ... Many faces are drawn for the purpose of creating a typographic ...
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Summary Typography is an important aspect of design, and it can be used to make text more readable. This article provides 10 typography tips and tricks to help make text more readable, such as considering measure, mastering leading, using hanging quotes, beware of widows and orphans, giving emphasis, and using a numbered grid. These tips and tricks can help to make text more readable and stylish, while also helping to reduce the amount of space between lines and make the text easier to read.
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Summary Contrast is the core factor in whether or not text is easy to read. Good contrasts will make text easy on the eyes, easy to scan quickly, and overall more readable. On the other hand, poor contrast will force the user to squint and make reading the body text almost painful, not to mention a lot slower.
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Do you consider legibility important? Your users do as well. What makes a text readable? ... 7 typographic tools that increase legibility
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Learn the difference between "legible" text and "readable" text and how to ensure both in ... Therefore, when ease of reading is of high importance, make sure ...
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the right photo, a good eye for typography and know what you want to accomplish to make ... case, text over image will have some problems with readability ...
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Struggling to find the right font design? Here's how to make your own. ... It's important to review your typeface at different sizes in your test document. ...
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