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Spaces is a way to have live audio conversations on Twitter, which can be joined in several ways such as through a public link shared in a Tweet or Direct Message. 1 2 It is available on iOS and Android, and can be listened to on web. 1

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Twitter Spaces is where live audio conversations happen. The conversation about you and your content is at its best on Twitter, and now you can Tweet and talk. Spaces unlocks…
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From Tweeting to talking, reading to listening, Spaces encourages and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring. …
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Summary Spaces are ephemeral, live audio conversations on Twitter, and it’s easy to join one or start a Space of your own. Spaces are public and you can join one in several ways. Each Space has a public link that a host or listener can include in a Tweet, or share via a Direct Message.
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Spaces is an entirely new way for people and brands to have live audio conversations on Twitter that amplify the power of the human voice. From Tweeting to talking —…
Meet Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces provides a way for users to have live-streamed audio conversations on social media. Instead of just reading tweets or following a thread, users can listen to and participate…
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Twitter Spaces are real live audio convos you can join from your couch. or the dog park. or the bathtub. wherever you are, really. 0:35 10.9M views 4:00 PM ·…
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Twitter Spaces allow up to 11 audio speakers to chat at once, sort of like a conference call, with an unlimited number of listeners. Method 1 Joining a Space Download…
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4. Twitter Spaces is visually interactive. Twitter offers a number of features to make Spaces more visually appealing. For example, Spaces listeners can use emojis to react to speaker comments.…
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Twitter Spaces is available for both individuals and businesses, allowing them to build more personal connections with their audiences. In addition, Twitter Spaces is open to the public, which means…
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