Why Marriage is So Difficult: Exploring the Challenges and Solutions

In this diverse set of topics, we cover everything from technology to travel, health to finance. We explore the different types of CMS software available, and whether a Pixel 6 Pro case can fit a Pixel 6. We also delve into the visa requirements for US citizens traveling to Colombia, and how to apply for DigiD SMS control when living abroad. For those interested in health and wellness, we discuss the benefits and challenges of turning a sleeve gastrectomy into a second stage duodenal switch, as well as how long rice can last in the refrigerator. We also touch on current events, such as the bird flu issues in the US, and provide practical advice on financial matters, including how to use the IRS IP PIN and withholding calculator, and how to perform a free unpaired t-test. Finally, we explore the technical aspects of OAuth2 specification request body and AirTag alerts when out of area. And last but not least, we ask the age-old question: why is marriage so difficult?

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