Unlocking the Mysteries of Technology: From System Root Directories to Connecting Google Home with Anova

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of technical and practical issues. From understanding the system root directory in Windows 10 to using SSH with keep alive, we delve into the intricacies of technology. We also explore how to close a text file in Python, USB events, and Hey email. Additionally, we provide tips on how to auto-scroll on a website, how hashtags work in Mastodon, and how to align objects in Illustrator. For those interested in social media, we explain how to add video and pictures to LinkedIn posts and how to call Atlassian Cloud Jira REST API. We also provide guidance on how to calculate CRC8, download VirtualBox guest additions, and add a new search engine to Brave. For those interested in graphic design, we explain how to create a transparent mask in Photoshop and how to add a signature to a PDF document. We also explore the accuracy of Google Maps compared to iPhone Maps, home server RTMP, and how DNS works. Finally, we provide guidance on using H4N to record USB input, restoring the choice of one-hand typing on an iPhone keyboard, and connecting Google Home with Anova.

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