Unlocking the Mysteries of IIS Log Location, Powershell Group Queries, and More: A Tech Enthusiast's Guide

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of technical and practical subjects. We start with IIS log location, which is essential for troubleshooting web server issues. Next, we explore PowerShell's ability to get a list of groups that a group is in, a useful feature for managing user permissions. We then move on to MySQL query not like list, a technique for filtering data in a database. Shifting gears, we look at the location of the Nimitz Strike Group, a critical component of the US Navy's global presence. We then delve into the world of package managers with Geeks, a tool for managing software on Linux systems. For Windows users, we recommend the best file browser for efficient file management. Moving on to server administration, we explore the GetAtt asset server function role and the Group Policy Editor in Windows Server 2008 R2. For Ubuntu users, we provide guidance on how to check which GPU is being used. In the legal realm, we discuss jury research, a crucial tool for attorneys preparing for trial. Finally, we round out our topics with practical advice for developers, including how to set up an Android emulator for Mac M1 React Native and how to call an M file from within another in MATLAB. We also cover the process of exporting a Chase account to CSV format for easy financial management.

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