Troubleshooting the Pimoroni Fan Shim and Other Tech Woes: A Guide to Solving Common Queries

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of subjects from technology to aviation to personal productivity. We start with troubleshooting the Pimoroni Fan Shim that won't spin, move on to using Spring Boot to get JFR, and explore Helm's image pull policy. We then delve into TypeScript's declare object, learn about Dr. Jack Cohen, and discover an M3U editor. Next, we explore Digikey, a video from photo AI tool, and what happens after a Windows pin expires. We then move on to CI/CD with GitHub Actions, the Omnibar browser extension, and Magma CUDA. We also touch on Bergey's Manual, OpenStack node import, and changing case in Vim. Finally, we explore Fastmail's sender icons, ClojureScript, Python's getattr function, deleting table contents, SVFR clearance for non-towered airports, the fate of LastPass, and adding an Apple calendar to Outlook.

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