Mastering Your Tech: From Vim to VirtualBox and Beyond

In this diverse set of topics, we cover everything from tech troubleshooting to product reviews and even a bit of wildlife. If you're a Vim user, you may be wondering how to turn off auto indent, while those in the market for a new backpack might be interested in our review of the Tom Bihn Daylight. For Windows 10 users, we explore secure DNS settings, and for those struggling with VirtualBox, we offer solutions for when it's not seeing USB devices. Web developers may be interested in our discussion of the noindex directive for WordPress search results pages, as well as tips for exporting clips in QuickTime and using Hastebin. Social media managers will appreciate our breakdown of Facebook share image sizes, while those in the Los Angeles area may be curious about the 213 area code. We also touch on music, with a mention of Foxes, and even plumbing, with a solution for a toilet running repeatedly for two seconds. Finally, we explore the differences between Webflow and other web design tools, and offer advice for those experiencing auto-dimming on their Samsung screens.

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