Mastering Tech: A Comprehensive Guide to Solving 40 Common Tech Queries

In this diverse set of topics, we will cover a range of tech-related queries. From learning how to display your Google Calendar on Nest Hub, to linking your Xbox Game Pass account to Riot Games, and even entering Magic Keyboard pairing mode. We'll also explore how to find your Apple Pencil serial number, set up multiple desktops on Windows 10, and design a backdrop for Zoom. Additionally, we'll delve into creating a QR code card, turning off sound effects in Kodi, and deciding between OLED or Quantum Dot TV. We'll also cover more technical topics such as using sudo without a password, finding the source code of a web page, and encrypting a file in Windows 10. Furthermore, we'll explore how to set up a checkbox in Word, uninstall multiple apps on a Samsung, and charge your Meta Quest 2. We'll also cover how to download a book, format JSON in Bash, and resize canvas in Krita. Lastly, we'll touch on topics such as mountain bike height of bottom bracket, creating more storage space on your iPhone, and finding instrumental variables.

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