Mastering a Multitude of Topics: From Discord Bots to Korean Religion - A Diverse Collection of Queries

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of subjects from technology to personal growth. We explore how to query parent data in EF Core without navigation property, adding a VCF file to iPhone contacts, and backing up Ubuntu. We also delve into the pricing of SurveyMonkey, the benefits of ERP, and the Enneagram personality system. For those interested in programming, we discuss creating a Discord bot in multiple languages and dropping every other column in Pandas. We also touch on healthcare topics such as Kaiser WA Medicare and muscles across the lower abdomen. Additionally, we cover tech issues like iCloud and resetting Dashlane passwords, as well as creating sub-channels in Discord and using Vivaldi 1Password shortcuts. For entertainment, we look at Hulu with Spotify and the religion of Korea. Finally, we explore using NAS on a MacBook and Medium SCCM.

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