Exploring the World of Technology: From Home Automation to Air Traffic Control

In this diverse set of topics, we explore a range of subjects from technology to aviation. We delve into the world of data analysis with the histogram set of occurrences and highlight duplicates in Google Sheets. We also explore the gaming world with Stadia and its controller pairing Bluetooth. For those interested in home automation, we discuss HomeKit light wake up dawn, Home Assistant virtual switch thermostat, and adding a signature to a PDF document. We also touch on programming topics such as Swift, how big an enum is, and how to call Atlassian Cloud Jira REST API. Additionally, we explore the Upnote app, Mastodon hashtags, text with strikethrough, text editor with code blocks, and the Hemingway app. Lastly, we answer the question of how to listen to Burbank air traffic control and provide an overview of how blockchain works.

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