Exploring the World of Technology: From Feedbin Android Client to OS X Get Size of Directory

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of subjects from technology to travel, finance to entertainment. We start with the Feedbin Android client, a popular RSS reader app, and move on to troubleshoot an installation error (0x80070103) that users may encounter. Next, we explore Neeva account settings, a new search engine that promises to protect user privacy. For data scientists, we delve into a filter function in PySpark that selects columns where a condition is true. Moving on to finance, we discuss whether one needs to report the sale of an overseas home to the IRS. We then shift gears to entertainment, exploring the opening date of Disney's California Adventure theme park. For marketers, we examine Bitly, a URL shortening service that tracks clicks. We also take a look at Arizona statistics and the culture of Google. For gamers, we provide printable PDFs of Kill Team data cards. Finally, we end with a technical topic, discussing how to get the size of a directory in OS X.

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