Exploring the World of Early Career Marine Scientists with the Simons Foundation

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of subjects from technology to marine research. The Simons Foundation Early Career Marine program supports young scientists in their pursuit of marine research, while the GitLab CI Reference provides a comprehensive guide to continuous integration. Looking ahead to 2023, we explore the fastest browser for iPhone, and discuss the recent news that macOS will no longer support cloud storage on external disks. Troubleshooting tips include Firefox's inability to find files on disk, and how to change resolution on DeviantArt. We also delve into technical topics such as the Fetch API and USB-C over current, as well as practical applications like setting up travel with Tailscale Raspberry Pi and using HomeKit cameras on Apple TV. Finally, we offer solutions to common problems, such as formatting a USB drive to FAT on Mac, enabling PowerShell scripts on Windows, and addressing issues with Deezer playback.

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