Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Humanity: From AWS IoT to Freedom from Want

In this diverse set of topics, we explore various subjects ranging from technology to literature, geography to psychology, and politics to finance. We delve into the world of AWS IoT device registry and bulk provisioning of devices, while also discussing the population of Wyoming and the type of RAM in the Surface Pro 4. We also touch upon the EMG test, New York font, and the date of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Additionally, we explore the R package that makes it easy to work with dates, Phoenix's ability to share state across multiple live views, and the rhyme "And Then There Were None." We also discuss Meraki's internet but no network issue, Reporters Without Borders, and the concept of freedom from want. Finally, we learn about Sam from Ohio, Microsoft Dynamics, and 1099 reimbursed expenses.

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