DSM 7.2, Eureka Math, and Easter 2024: A Tech Roundup

In this diverse set of topics, we cover everything from technology updates to educational resources and even holiday planning. We start with the highly anticipated DSM 7.2 release date, which promises to bring exciting new features to Synology users. Moving on to education, we explore the Eureka sixth grade math module 3, which provides students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts. For those interested in programming, we delve into Emacs key bindings and Drupal's classresolver dependency injection. Looking ahead, we also discuss Easter 2024 and how to embed YouTube videos in GitHub issues. Additionally, we touch on Dropbox's recent announcement that Mac OS users won't be able to put the app on external drives. For Excel users, we provide tips on how to add location axis titles to charts. We also address common tech issues, such as the "err timed out" error on Chrome for Mac and the "error code 10004" on Zoom. Finally, we explore the ES3 Morrowind online mod and the Durrett probability PDF, as well as the benefits of using dotenv and the new ES6 optional chaining after bracket notation.

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