100+ Tech Hacks: From Finding Wi-Fi Passwords to Turning Off Google Voice

In today's world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. From finding a Wi-Fi password to challenging Google search with ChatGPT, there are endless possibilities to explore. Whether you want to get an app store or unbanned Snapchat on iPhone, swap clips in Premiere Pro or rebuild a GPT partition, root Moto G 5G without a computer or send IoT data to Azure, there's always something new to learn. You can determine which macOS you can install on your Mac or find the BIOS version in Windows 11. You can even debug a Unity player in Rider or write the next line in Python. If you're looking to pause PayPal or revert to a rev using SVN example, we've got you covered. You can find out who owns a .ru domain or validate associated domain configuration. You can get the character at a point in a string or manage Apple credit card web. You can turn off HDR videos in photos or get an app to not lock Apple. You can open a WMA file on Mac or pull wire through conduit. You can set up eSIM on Pixel or get IPTV simple client in Kodi 20 LibreELEC. You can wipe a Mac profile before returning it to the company or install Docker on Amazon Linux. You can even learn how to use generative AI to develop machine learning models or set the default world in Minecraft Java. Whether you want to make minimize maximize button visible in Red Hat 9 or make clips of YouTube videos, we've got you covered. You can install 1Password CLI or watch YouTube on Zoom. You can see what other sites link to a site or manage roles in Discord. You can recover data from a corrupted SD card or figure out commission percentage. You can replace the 2nd NVMe SSD PS5 or use ChatGPT. You can start a Flask app in terminal or host live streaming video. You can format tables in Excel that are easy to read or learn English. You can get social media analytics for users API or unlock a cell phone. You can open Bing AI chat or use drafts for daily notes. You can search for sensitive files or reduce video size in Clipchamp. You can turn off Google Voice on an Android phone or import passwords to iPhone. You can enamel wire or sync Sorted 3. You can shrink the TV screen with the Apple app or delete a network interface. You can stay on top of Slack notifications or slow track in GarageBand iOS. You can stack multiple columns into one column in Google Sheet or sort unread emails in Gmail. You can see your contacts' profile or search a particular Twitter account. You can find active users count on Facebook groups or play MPG on Windows 10. You can launch shortcut power button iPhone or think with a pencil. You can test a HD or switch satellite view on Apple Maps. You can execute a Python script or use CalDAV calendar. You can resell Steam games or stop your computer from sleeping. You can use Google Forms to make a survey or sort on more than one term in the Apple Music app. You can even turn an RSS feed into an email subscription. With so many topics to explore, the possibilities are endless.

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