10 Useful Queries for Tech Enthusiasts: From Loofa to CLI List File

In this diverse set of topics, we explore a range of subjects from the world of technology and beyond. From the humble loofa to the intricacies of JavaScript substring, we delve into the fun strings to try using in site search bars on Reddit and the power of Vim matching tag. We also explore the differences between computer information systems and technology, as well as the pros and cons of merge vs split set. For those looking to streamline their workflow, we cover batch deleting all files in a folder and focus stacking with Photoshop. And for those in need of a laugh, we explore the Imgflip meme generator and the joys of comparing Galaxy S20 phones. Finally, we round out our exploration with a look at how to view file metadata in Windows 10 and how to list files using the command line interface.

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