10 Mac and Linux Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Better Productivity

In this diverse set of topics, we cover a range of subjects from technology to mathematics. We start with tips for macOS users, including how to decrease blue light at night and change startup apps. For Linux enthusiasts, we explore the use of a forum server. For those who love shortcuts, we delve into the world of lazy vim. We also discuss the benefits of macOS's Grand Central Dispatch and Kibana. In mathematics, we explore the law of total probability and Levene's test for equality of variances. We also touch on kinetic energy and the latest Java version for Mac. For those experiencing technical difficulties, we offer solutions for a left arrow button not working on a laptop and how to mirror a Macbook screen with Airplay. We also explore Logitech G Hub and Latencymon. For those interested in coding, we discuss Kite Python and Kubectl -- as. We also explore the Kuka LBR 14 and Lasergrbl. Finally, we offer tips for Mac users on how to encrypt HFS and adjust audio device volume, as well as how to perform a Mac address lookup. We also discuss how to use Log Me Once to get notifications on a new phone and how to lock a display when it turns off on Windows.

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