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The thinking face emoji is a yellow face with furrowed eyebrows looking upwards with thumb and index finger resting on its chin. It is used to show a person pondering or deep in thought. 1 It can also be used to question or scorn something or someone, as if saying "Hmm, I don't know about that". 1

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Emoji: πŸ€” Thinking Face (Face | Thinking) | Categories: Faces With Hand(s), School & University, TOP 100 | Emoji Version 1.0, Unicode 8.0...
πŸ€” Thinking Face Emoji | Thinking Emoji

Thinking Face emoji looks like a serious smiley with one eyebrow raised, obviously thinking about something important.... Combinations: πŸŽπŸŠπŸ‹πŸπŸ€” ...
πŸ€” Thinking Face Emoji β€” Meaning, Copy & Paste

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πŸ€” Thinking Face Emoji. Copy and paste this emoji into your posts or messages. Thinking Face as emoji was first used in 2015 and belongs to the category ...
πŸ€” Thinking Face Emoji

The thinking face emoji can be used to reference a question or an idea. The thinking face emoji can be used to reference a question or an idea. It also has a ...
πŸ€” Thinking Face emoji Meaning |

Thinking Emoji can as well be used to show that someone is thinking deeply about a statement that you just made. Copy and Paste on Emojifaces
πŸ€” Thinking Emoji - Copy and Paste - EmojiFaces

PiliApp Emoji List Popular tags Thinking emoji πŸ€” Face with hand over mouth and smiling eyes
Thinking emoji πŸ€”

Get πŸ€” meaning, pictures and codes to copy & paste! The Thinking Emoji first appeared in 2015. This serious smiley face with a raised eyebrow and ...
πŸ€” Thinking Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z
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Thinking Face Emoji (U+1F914)

β€œPersonally, I enjoy the way that every platform managed to convey this emoji with an expression that is both thinking and judging at the same time,” Burge ...
Why People Use the Thinking Face Emoji