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Superhuman promises to revolutionize the way people use email, with features such as snoozing, scheduling, read statuses, undo send, insights from social networks, and more. 1 2 It has been praised by startup CEOs for changing their relationship with email. 1

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Summary Superhuman bills itself as “not another email client,” promising an inbox that’s been “rebuilt from the ground up” that will make you “feel like you have superpowers.” The website is peppered with accolades from startup CEOs praising how it has changed their relationship with email.
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One of Silicon Valley’s buzziest start-ups, Superhuman, is betting its app’s shiny ... service that costs $30 a month and promises “the fastest email ...
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Summary Instead of giving email a new coat of paint, Superhuman’s underlying technology is designed to speed up everything about using email, while also bundling in features like snoozing, scheduling, read statuses, undo send, insights from social networks, and more.
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A $30-per-month email service capturing the adoration of investors and founders in Silicon Valley is perhaps an unsurprising story in a subscription-obsessed ...
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Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Superhuman ... The fastest email experience ever made! BE BRILLIANT WITH PEOPLE ...
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Superhuman is an email app and the buzziest startup of Silicon Valley in 2019. In this series of posts, we look at why and how Superhuman works so well.
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Superhuman is the best email client I've ever used. But is it worth the high price? I’ve now been using Superhuman for almost two years.
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For the past two months, I've been using Superhuman, an invite-only email client Silicon Valley startup owners swear by. With a wait list that's 250,000 users ...
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