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Steam is reported to be compatible with Apple Silicon Macs, with some performance drops compared to native support. CrossOver compatibility and Parallels performance are the most common, with device support also available. 1 The latest Apple Silicon Macs are also compatible with iOS and Macs, and the best controllers for gaming on the M1 Mac mini are also available. 2

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Summary Steam is reported to be working on Apple Silicon and Apple M2 and M1 Ultra Processors, with Virtualization Support allowing users to run apps on Apple Silicon Macs even if they are normally completely unsupported. Steam supports CrossOver compatibility, Parallels compatibility, and device support, with CrossOver compatibility and Parallels performance being the most common. With Steam, users can run apps on Apple Silicon Macs with some performance drops compared to native support.
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Summary This list provides a comprehensive overview of the gaming performance of the latest Apple Silicon Macs, including performance reports, controllers, and games. It also provides information on the Apple Silicon Macs' compatibility with iOS and Macs, as well as the best controllers for gaming on the M1 Mac mini. Finally, it provides links to relevant product pages on external services such as Amazon.
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Testing games for compatibility with Apple Silicon (tested on a late 2020 MacBook Pro 13", other models' mileages may vary).
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All about Gaming on Apple Silicon by Mac Gamers for Mac Gamers. Browse 800+ Game Performance Reports for Apple Silicon Macs or submit a Game Performance Report
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Support status of Steam on Apple Silicon Macs and Apple M1 Processors. Multiplayer and communications platform for gaming.
Does Steam work on Apple Silicon Macs?

Why doesn't the Steam app natively support the Apple M1 processor? When I look at the Activity Monitor, it looks Intel-based, when do you plan to build an ...
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There is more factors then just steam here I agree, something I didnt know about till know. though Apple play a part in this with Rosetta 2, and Game devs ...
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Apple is ditching Intel and transitioning its Macs to Apple Silicon. While that may ... users stream their own games from distribution platforms like Steam, ...
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This enables game developers to integrate Steam support directly into their native Apple Silicon titles. It's great news actually, since it allows the devs to ...
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You need to install Crossover . Then you need to install Steam there. Good video explaining the process of installing Steam on Apple Silicon chips: ...
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I know for a couple years there's going to be a way to run Intel Mac Apps on the new Apple Silicon ones, but after that, what would be the point of Steam on ...
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