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Mockito 3.4.0 and above can mock static methods 1 , while versions 2.x require PowerMockito. 2 The Mockito.mockStatic( Class<T> classToMock ) method is used to mock invocations to static method calls. 3 Refactoring the code can help avoid the need to mock static methods. 4

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Summary Mockito just released version 3.4.0 which can now mock static methods. Before 3.4.0, Mockito could not mock static methods. It could only mock non-static methods. Though
Mockito can mock static methods! · Andrei Solntsev

Summary : As previously mentioned, since Mockito 3.4.0, we can use the Mockito.mockStatic( Class<T> classToMock ) method to mock invocations to static method calls. This method returns a MockedStatic object for our type, which is a scoped mock object. Therefore
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Summary Mockito allows us to create mock objects. Since static method belongs to the class, there is no way in Mockito to mock static methods. However, we can use PowerMock along with Mockito framework to mock static methods. PowerMock provides different modules to extend Mockito framework and run JUnit and TestNG test cases.
Mockito Mock Static Method - PowerMock - JournalDev

Summary This article covers mocking static methods with Mockito, which is supported in the latest version 3.x and PowerMockito in older versions 2.x. It explains why mocking static methods is necessary and provides examples of how to use the mocking method in unit tests. It also suggests refactoring the code so that mocking a static method is not necessary.
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Starting with version 3.4.0, Mockito supports mocking static methods. This article explains how to use this new feature for Java and Kotlin.
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you how to mock static methods using Powermockito. PowerMock is an open source mocking ... For more information, read Powermock – Mockito Integration ...
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Testing of Static Methods I really can’t see why static methods should be harder to test than non-static code in instance methods. Let’s have a look at the ...
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Learn Mocking Private, Static and Void methods in Mockito with Examples. Learn Mocking private and static methods by unit testing framework PowerMockito.
Mocking Private, Static and Void Methods Using Mockito

Mocking static methods has just been made possible in Mockito 3.4.0, which goes really well with JUnit 5 and reduces ...

Static methods mocking with Mockito This is a placeholder ticket for enabling mocking static methods in Mockito. Example action items that are totally ...
Enable mocking static methods in Mockito · Issue #1013 · mockito/mockito · GitHub

Hi, I'm new to mockito, and want to make some fake return on a static method: ServiceFactory mock = mock(ServiceFactory.class); ...
how can I mock static methods with Mockito? · Issue #1471 · mockito/mockito · GitHub

We need following PowerMock dependencies for mocking static methods in Mockito. and used to extend Mockito2 mocking framework. If you are using Mockito 1.x ...
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