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SketchUp Free is a free 3D modeling software with no strings attached. 1 It allows users to quickly create 3D designs online and have them with them wherever they go. 1 The SketchUp Go Bundle provides 3D modelers purpose-built for iPad and web, with tools to get the job done no matter where the user is located. 2

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Summary With 3D modelers purpose-built for iPad and web, SketchUp Go has the tools you need to get the job done no matter where you’re located. Quickly create in 3D with SketchUp for iPad, sync your projects to the cloud with Trimble Connect, and pick them back up using any device with SketchUp for Web.
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SketchUp Go is the same web version of Sketch Up you may have already been using. However, if ...
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SketchUp Go is a subscription-based version of SketchUp for Web that includes professional-level features as well as Trimble Connect for Business and email support. What Happened to SketchUp Shop? We…
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Personal Use - SketchUp - SketchUp Community Personal Use darcyswope March 13, 2018, 4:59pm #1 I have been using SketchUp Make for small personal woodworking projects. It’s a great tool…
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SketchUp was acquired by Google in 2006, before being passed off to Trimble in 2012. The company behind this app designed it with the expressed purpose of creating a program…
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Enhanced account management from SketchUp Manage your SketchUp account, tools, and teams in a single, easy-to- use portal, Trimble Account. Learn about new features like bulk-add, -edit, and -assign for teams…
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Curate that perfect walkthrough with a client, virtually or in person, with a simple user interface and easy-to- use presentation controls. Mark up a 3D model in real-time with a client…
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On October 1st, 2020 - Fusion 360 for personal use will be defining clearer lines between what is available in Fusion 360 for personal use compared to other offerings in…
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