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There have been a few case reports of shingles following a COVID-19 mRNA vaccines 1 , though it has not been confirmed to be a causal link. Common causes of shingles include age, weakened immune system, and having had chickenpox in the past. 2 Treatment for shingles includes antiviral medications, pain relievers, and topical creams. 2 To prevent shingles, people should get the shingles vaccine, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and practice good hygiene. 2

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Summary Answer: There have been a few case reports of shingles following a COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. These represent infrequent occurrences, and it has not been confirmed to be a causal link.
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Shingles is a viral infection that results from the reactivation of VZV, the same virus that causes chickenpox. After chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in the nerve cells. Following an...
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Researchers recently identified herpes zoster — also known as shingles — as a possible side effect after six people with autoimmune inflammatory diseases received the Pfizer vaccine, according to...
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Shingles , also called herpes zoster, is an infection caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Almost 1 in 3 people will have shingles at some point in their lives.…
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There have been reports of people developing shingles after COVID-19 vaccination. But it’s unclear if these cases are just coincidence or if shingles is a real possible side effect of…
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People can develop shingles after COVID -19 vaccination , but it's rare. A weakened immune system, such as from an autoimmune disorder, can put you at higher risk of developing shingles in…
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COVID -19 is not going to turn into shin­gles, but it can set the scene for shin­gles to make an appear­ance more eas­i­ly. The COVID -19 vac­cine is a safe and effec­tive…
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Shingles is a reactivation of varicella zoster virus (VZV), the virus that causes chickenpox. It can lead to a painful, blistering skin rash. Shingles is also called herpes zoster. You…
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Most side effects of the shingles vaccine are mild and typically last only 2 to 3 days. One of the most common side effects of the shingles vaccine is an…
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CDC recommends that adults 50 years and older get two doses of the shingles vaccine called Shingrix (recombinant zoster vaccine) to prevent shingles and the complications from the disease. Adults…
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Herpes zoster reactivation -- a.k.a. shingles -- following COVID -19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune/inflammatory diseases may be a new adverse event associated with the...
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