sending negative energy back to sender


To protect yourself from negative energy sent by others, you can keep your own power, stay positive, ignore the perpetrator, give the silent treatment, take a salt bath, smudge your energy, cast a simple candle spell, make a mirror box, reflect all energy back to its source, cast a protection spell, neutralize someone's power over you, or bind someone from causing harm. 1 2 3

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Start in a direction like north or south and slowly turn clockwise. Pretend you are in the middle of a compass and stop at each directional point and feel if…
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Your light-filled force field will be so strong, negative energy won’t be able to penetrate its protective shield. The effects of negative energy can: Cause you to experience a sense…
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Summary It is theorized that when negative energy is consciously sent to someone with the intention of inflicting harm, then what is sent is exactly what will be attracted by the sender. The universal law of karma states that what goes around comes back around, multiplied.
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As you can see, sending back negative energy simply means setting yourself free of it depending on how it came into your field. If you’re taking any on from the…
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Give the negative energy back . If you find yourself absorbing the negativity despite your best efforts use imagery as well to visualize yourself removing the negativity from yourself and...
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One of the best ways to protect yourself from negative energy is to make sure you are filled with good energy yourself. However, the stress of our lives can mean…
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Return Negative Energy Back to Sender Immediately - YouTube 0:00 / 5:04 Return Negative Energy Back to Sender Immediately RETURN OF THE SAVIORS 4.8K subscribers Subscribe 1.3K Share Save 35K...
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Send the person’s negative energy back to them. You might say, “Sender of evil, menacing foe, after this spell, you reap what you sow. This mirror reflects, the will that…
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