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Docker can be used with AWS SAM to provide a local environment similar to AWS Lambda as a container to build, test, and debug serverless applications. 1 The command sam local start-api creates a local HTTP server that hosts all of the functions in the directory. 2

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Docker supports environment variables as a practical way of externalizing a containerized app configuration. When included in a Docker image, environment variables become available to app containers created based on…
How to Set Docker Environment Variables {ARG and ENV}

Create a . env file (format is standardized, @see any link above) Run sam local invoke|start-api|start-lambda --dotenv <path to . env > Upon launch of sam docker container, because --dotenv was specified, sam …
feat(init): load .env file at startup of sam local #1355 - GitHub

When building lambda functions in Docker container ( sam build --use-container), we can pass in a Docker network (with --docker-network), but you can't pass environment variables. It would be very…
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AWS SAM provides local development support for zip-based and container-based Lambda functions. When using container-based images, as you modify your code, update the local container image using sam build. AWS…
Using container image support for AWS Lambda with AWS SAM

The . env file should be placed at the root of the project directory next to your docker -compose.yml file. You can use an alternative path with one of the following methods:…
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