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To qualify for disability benefits, you must have a medical condition that prevents you from working and earning a living for at least 12 months 1 2 3 , provide medical evidence that meets Social Security's strict definition of disability 1 4 , and have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits or meet the income and resource limits to qualify for SSI benefits. 4 The Blue Book provides criteria for different impairments. 1 To apply, you can use the online application or call the toll-free number. 4

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Summary The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs provide assistance to people who meet the requirements for disability. The application process follows three general steps: gathering the information and documents needed, completing and submitting the application, and waiting for the decision. Applicants have the right to appeal any decision Social Security makes about whether they are entitled to benefits, and can check the status of their application online or by phone.
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Find the complete list of eligibility requirements that help answer the common question, Am I eligible for disability insurance benefits? The EDD manages the ...
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Summary Social Security Disability Benefits can be applied online or by calling the toll-free number. The Disability Starter Kit provides information about the specific documents and information that will be requested from applicants, as well as general information about the disability programs and the decision-making process. Additionally, the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security (The Blue Book) provides medical criteria for evaluating Social Security disability claims.
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Requirements for Disability 1. Your condition is severe if it prevents you from working completely, or prevents you from earning the SGA income... 2. Your condition is considered severe enough…
Social Security Disability Requirements

Requirements common to these regulations include reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities ; program accessibility; effective communication with people who have hearing or vision disabilities ; and accessible new construction and alterations.…
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January 31, 2014. People with mobility, circulatory, respiratory, or neurological disabilities use many kinds of devices for mobility. Some use walkers, canes, crutches, or braces. Some use manual or power…
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