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Alternatives to Google's reCAPTCHA service exist that are more privacy-friendly and accessible, such as honeypots, Google's XCAPTCHA, and non-Google captchas. 1 hCaptcha is a popular alternative that shows users images from datasets belonging to other companies for machine learning applications, instead of Google's images. 2

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Summary Google's reCAPTCHA service is a useful tool for verifying that visitors are real people, but it also violates people's privacy and causes accessibility problems for those with poor eyesight or hearing. Alternatives to reCAPTCHA include honeypots, non-Google captchas, and other captchas that are more privacy-friendly. There are also captchas available that are more privacy-friendly, such as Google's XCAPTCHA and non-Google captchas.
Google reCAPTCHA | Captcha Services

recaptcha is non-free and people would like to have non-google implementations. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open ...
Find a non-google alternative to reCAPTCHA · Issue #1281 · matrix-org/matrix-doc · GitHub

The reCAPTCHA Android library is part of the Google Play services SafetyNet APIs . This library provides native Android APIs that you can integrate directly ...
Choosing the type of reCAPTCHA | Google Developers

Summary But instead of showing Google’s images–images the company uses to train its machine learning algorithms–hCaptcha shows users images from datasets, which belong to other companies that also need images labeled for machine learning applications.
hCaptcha is a popular alternative to Google's reCaptcha

Yes, you can use both reCAPTCHA (non-Enterprise version) and reCAPTCHA Enterprise. Typically the third party solution asks for your public key and either your ...
Frequently Asked Questions | reCAPTCHA | Google Developers

reCAPTCHA is a security service that protects your websites from fraud and abuse. ... Market-leading Google Cloud terms of service , availability, and support ...

In an effort to save a dying program, Google introduced another anti-bot alternative called reCAPTCHA .
CAPTCHA is Dead. Here’s What to Use for Form Security Instead.

Learn how to prevent form and website spam using CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA alternatives. ... one particular implementation of Captcha: reCaptcha is owned by Google ...
CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA Alternatives: How to prevent form & website spam without CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA.

There are lots of captchas. Google has its own, Google Recaptcha . Google Recaptcha works with public and secret keys between the server and client side in ...
Google Recaptcha Without Keys - Iptanus

In December 2014 Google replaced reCAPTCHA (distorted image-text or distorted audio) with a No CAPTCHA/ReCaptcha Reboot ) (a simple tickbox for "I am not a ...
Captcha Alternatives and thoughts - WCAG WG

The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet 2023
Google Online Security Blog: Are you a robot? Introducing “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”

Looking for a reCAPTCHA alternative that doesn't frustrate your site visitors & keeps the ... reCAPTCHA is a free service offered to users by Google, with the ...
9 Best reCAPTCHA Alternatives For Your Website

The latest version of the bot detector reCaptcha is invisible to users and has spread to ... But last fall, Google launched a new version of the tool, with ...
Google's new reCaptcha has a dark side