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Summary A useful React component that lets you pick a date range inside an opening clanader, and can even detect if you click outside of it. With an 18K bundle-size and relying on date-fns, this can be a neat addition to any application.
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The calendar component generates a Mobiscroll input that inherits the theme and overall styling rules. It can however be overriden by setting the relevant options for the component . There are…
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React Component FullCalendar seamlessly integrates with the React JavaScript framework. It provides a component that exactly matches the functionality of FullCalendar’s standard API. This package is released under an MIT…
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React Rainbow is a UI components library just like Material UI. So if you’re already using React Rainbow then you’ll most likely be stuck using its date and time components .…
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The calendar component is fairly basic. It’s a standard calendar that is also capable of displaying events. So in some ways, it can also be utilized as the start of…
React Calendar Component Example (With Events)

A React calendar component is a good choice when you need to allow users to select a specific date. It can be used in conjunction with other components and elements…
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The elements of React-Calendar have some classes already applied, which we can use to add our styles. The best way to apply your styling is by overriding Calendar.css. You can…
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15+ Best React Date Picker & Calendar Components . The Date Picker is a component that allows a user to pick a date on a calendar visual pop-up, and Calendar is…
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The React Calendar component provides you all the necessary features to help your users handle their daily tasks with ease: Day / Week / Month / Year / Agenda /…
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React Calendar , Interval Time Picker and Popup Components . Ultimate calendar for your React app. A useful events calendar built for React and made for modern The ultimate React calendar . A…
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