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Summary . The simplest technique for sharing state among components is to provide that state information via props to a component that is a parent to all the components that need to access that state data. The React docs describe this technique in detail and call it lifting state up .
Managing Global State in a React App | Mobify DevCenter

Summary Creating a global state in React is one of the first signs that you may need Redux (or another state management library such as MobX) in your application, because in React the local state is located on a component level. Hence you cannot have a real global state in React
React Global State without Redux

From prop drilling to centralized global state management with react It all started with amazing f... Tagged with javascript, react, redux.
Global state management with react hooks and context - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Summary This article discusses the main issues of the global state pattern in React, and provides several techniques to mitigate this problem. It explains how to use the react-tracked library to create a global state container, and how to use the context as a global state. Finally, it provides a proposal for using the component to create a global state with a component.
Global state with React | Basefactor

how to use Context with React in place of Redux. Context is a lean way to manage state ... Redux has been the go-to for global state management with ...
Global State Management with React Hooks and Context - Tyrannosaurus Tech

Set and manage global state for a small React Native app built from functional ... simple classes to functional components using Hooks for state management ...
Using React Global State with Hooks and Context | Savas Labs

context to manage application state in react native. Tagged with react, reactnative, ... on how you can use context in place of Redux for managing global ...
State management in React Native using context - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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Find the best state management library for your React Native app with this comparison of ... With Hookstate, we use the concept of global state in ...
Comparing React Native state management libraries - LogRocket Blog

If you are using React.js, you are probably familiar with Redux. Redux has been the go-to for global state management with javascript
Global State Management With React Hooks And Context - Tyrannosaurus Tech

Is Redux still relevant today? Is there better state management for React? What are the ... Redux is the leading state management library for React ...
What React state management libraries should you use? | by Alexis Mangin | Medium