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Rclone crypt is a function that can encrypt files, file names and directory names while they are being uploaded and decrypt them when being downloaded. File length and modification time are not encrypted. 1 2 3 It can be used to connect a Google drive to a Bytesized box in such a way that it can be streamed using rclone cache and encrypted by rclone crypt. 4

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Summary Rclone crypt remotes encrypt and decrypt other remotes. A remote of type crypt does not access a storage system directly, but instead wraps another remote, which in turn accesses the storage system. This is similar to how alias , union , chunker and a few others work.

Summary The Rclone crypt option can encrypt the files, file names (standard file name encryption or simple file name obfuscation) and directory names. The file length and modification time are not encrypted.
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Summary Crypt is a function of rclone that encrypts your files while they’re being uploaded and also decrypts them when being downloaded. This means the actual files that are stored in the cloud are encrypted and scrambled.
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Summary This wiki explains how to connect a Google drive to a Bytesized box in such a way that it can be streamed using rclone cache and encrypted by rclone crypt. This requires a certain level of knowledge and requires a terminal or VNC session. After following the steps outlined in this wiki, users can access their encrypted Google drive as well as stream from it via their Plex app.
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A how-to guide on setting up Rclone to create an encrypted folder where users can store ... Now that the crypt remote has been created, you need to upload ...
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One thing I don’t like about rclone is that, when listing your remotes, you can’t see what underlying remote a crypt remote is using, so when prompted for ...
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rclone cryptcheck checks a remote against a crypted remote. This is the equivalent of running rclone check , but able to check the checksums of the crypted ...
rclone cryptcheck

In this article, I’d like to show you my approach to use rclone as the way to have ... Rclone provides an encryption layer by remote called crypt . I ...
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Rclone Rclone is the workhorse behind your server, let’s get it setup.
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Want to use Google Drive or Dropbox storage and still keep your data private? The Rclone ... encrypted remote option (5) Encrypt/Decrypt a remote “crypt.” ...
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