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Chef and Puppet are two of the most popular DevOps tools, offering different features and pricing plans. 1 Chef uses Ruby DSL to define configurations, while Puppet uses its own language called Puppet DSL. 2 In Chef, users create recipes and cookbooks, while in Puppet, users create manifests and modules. 3 Recipes and cookbooks usually describe single resources, while modules and manifests describe more general concepts. 3

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Summary In Puppet, you create manifests and modules , while in Chef you deal with recipes and cookbooks . Manifests and recipes usually describe single resources while modules and cookbooks describe the more general concepts (a LAMP server running your application, for instance).
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Summary This article outlines the differences and similarities between Chef and Puppet, two of the most popular DevOps tools. Chef is an open-source cloud configuration that translates system administration tasks into reusable definitions, while Puppet is an open-source systems management tool created for centralizing and automating configuration management. Both tools offer different features and pricing plans, so it is important to consider your needs before making a decision.
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Summary Chef – You need to be a programmer to manage the configurations as it offers configurations in Ruby DSL. Client pulls the configurations from the Server. Puppet – Not very easy to manage the configurations as it uses its own language called Puppet DSL(Domain Specific Language). Client pulls the configurations from the Server.
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Today we pit two popular tools for configuration management against eachother; Chef vs Puppet. We'll find their differences, and help you choose.
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