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PCA results can be plotted using the autoplot.prcomp function, which takes numeric values and can colorize by non-numeric values from the original data using the data and colour keywords. 1 Help(autoplot.prcomp) can be used to check available options.

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Summary . PCA result should only contains numeric values. If you want to colorize by non-numeric values which original data has, pass original data using data keyword and then specify column name by colour keyword. Use help(autoplot.prcomp) (or help(autoplot.*) for any other objects) to check available options. Passing
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Several functions from different packages are available in the R software for computing PCA:
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This is pretty self-explanatory, the ‘ prcomp ’ function runs PCA on the data we supply it, in our case that’s ‘ wdbc[c(3:32)] ’ which is our data ...
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We can also supply different cut-offs for statistical significance, apply p-value adjustment, plot R-squared values, and specify correlation method:
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, the number of these plots becomes excessive and not useful. For example, when there are scatterplots that could be analyzed! Clearly, a better method is ...
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# Loading Data data (mtcars) # Apply PCA using prcomp function # Need to scale / Normalize as # PCA depends on distance measure my_pca <- prcomp (mtcars, scale ...
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R script to generate a plot of point shapes in R Use the following R function to display a graph of the plotting symbols :
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