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The .drop method can be used to easily drop one or multiple rows or columns. This can be done by specifying the labels of the columns to be dropped in the form of a list. 1 For example, to drop every other column, one can use the code df.drop(df.columns , axis=1). This will drop all the columns with even numbered indices.

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To drop a single column or multiple columns from pandas dataframe in Python, you can use `df.drop` and other different methods.
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pandas.DataFrame.drop # DataFrame. drop ( labels = None , * , axis = 0 , index = None , columns = None , level = None , inplace = False , errors = 'raise' ) ...
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Delete one or many rows/columns from a Pandas DataFrame can be achieved in multiple ways. ... Delete every other column df.drop(columns=df.columns[ ::2 ])
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