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Organic tobacco is grown without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and other substances 1 , and does not contain any fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides. 2 It has a distinct flavor and scent, and is used in American tobacco blends. 3 It is also available in rolling, dried, and blended forms 4 , and can be purchased in bulk for wholesale opportunities. 4

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Summary So what exactly is "organic tobacco?" Organic tobacco is grown without using any sort of fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides. Tobacco naturally contains nicotine, but the drying process may add many types of chemicals, flavorings, and preservatives to it.
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Summary This Organic Burley leaf has an even darker, more red/brown color, and packs a more of a robust flavor that American tobacco blends are famous for. This leaf carries an incredibly distinct scent, unique to American grown Burley leaves.
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Summary This website offers a selection of 100% organic leaf tobacco, including rolling, dried, and blends. All of the tobacco is 100% natural and does not carry any federal tax. Customers can also contact the company for wholesale opportunities and storage instructions.
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These premium tobacco blends are produced in the Saint James parish of Louisiana from the finest gold-leaf, flue-cured tobacco . Each package of our perique tobacco is blended to deliver smooth,…
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Ceremonial Organic Tobacco. Mother Earth Tobacco is the first manufacturer and distributor of organically grown Ceremonial Tobacco. Established in 2005, our mission is to provide a superior product, worthy of…
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This Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured leaf typically has a yellow color, but can look very similar in color to the Organic American. It arrives with a heavenly fresh, unmistakable…
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PURE Brand cigarettes are all natural tobacco with nothing but PURE water added. Our tobacco product is made in the U.S.A and guaranteed to provide a full – bodied smoking…
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