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Oral minoxidil has been found to be more effective than topical minoxidil for hair loss treatment, with minimal side effects and increased convenience. Studies have shown that oral minoxidil can be cheaper and more effective than topical minoxidil 1 2 , and that it can encourage hair regrowth. 3 Patients may also find it easier to take a pill than to use a lotion. 4

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Summary There are several treatment options for hair loss , and one of the most commonly used is minoxidil. Despite most people giving attention to the topical formulations, studies now show that oral minoxidil could also be effective in the treatment of hair loss.
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Oral Minoxidil . Recent research states that oral Minoxidil is 7-10x more potent than taking it topically. The oral form of the medication will give you results without worrying if…
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Summary The case for minoxidil pills: How does minoxidil encourage hair regrowth?: Are minoxidil pills considered safe?: Side effects of minoxidil pills: Takeaway:
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Summary The benefit of oral minoxidil over topical minoxidil is several fold. First, the patient uses a pill and does not need to use something that potentially affects how the hair looks day to day. Some people find using oral medications easier than lotion.
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Minoxidil 1 mg oral versus minoxidil 5% topical solution for the treatment of female-pattern hair loss: A randomized clinical trial. Minoxidil 1 mg oral versus minoxidil 5% topical solution for…
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All in all, topical minoxidil can be similarly effective compared to oral minoxidil in some patients. But this is assuming we are talking about standard dosing. If we increase the…
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Minoxidil has to be converted by enzyme activity to be utilized by the body. The topical minox uses the enzymes in your scalp and the oral uses the liver. Not…
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