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Pulmonary opacification is a decrease in the ratio of gas to soft tissue in the lung, which can be seen on chest radiographs or CT scans. It can be diffuse, nodular, or centrilobular in pattern, and can indicate both benign and malignant conditions. 1 Diffuse opacities show up in multiple lobes of one or both lungs, while nodular GGO that persists over several scans may indicate an underlying condition. 2 Centrilobular opacities appear within one or several lobules of the lung. 2 Treatment of GGO depends on the underlying cause, which can be infection or another chronic interstitial disease. 3

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Summary Pulmonary opacification represents the result of a decrease in the ratio of gas to soft tissue (blood, lung parenchyma and stroma) in the lung. When reviewing an area of increased attenuation (opacification) on a chest radiograph or CT it is vital to determine where the opacification is.
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The correct answer is D: pulmonary embolism. The patient's radiograph shows a focal opacity in the right lung, which is a classic presentation of the lung ...
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Some potential reasons for lung opacity include: p neumonia COVID-19 pneumonitis EVALI interstitial lung disease pulmonary edema alveolar hemorrhage lung cancer
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These include: Diffuse: Diffuse opacities show up in multiple lobes of one or both lungs. This pattern occurs when the air in the lungs... Nodular: This type can indicate both…
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Causes of pulmonary opacity Focal airspace disease Pneumonia Pulmonary embolism: infarction or intrapulmonary hemorrhage Neoplasm: alveolar cell carcinoma, lymphoma (usually diffuse) Atelectasis: opacity accompanied by signs of volume loss Diffuse…
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Essentially, a ground-glass opacity describes the " shades of grey" in between a normal lung scan and one from an extremely diseased lung that shows up nearly all white because…
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A lung opacity is a frequently used term by radiologists on chest X-rays and essentially means a white spot of uncertain significance. The lungs are normally black on a chest…
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