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An oligoantigenic diet is an elimination diet that involves the removal of nearly all foods except a limited number that generally cause no problems. If symptoms do not subside, different foods on the list can be tried. 1 A study found that both blinded and unblinded ratings of the ADHD Rating Scale IV (ARS) revealed significant improvements of ADHD symptoms in children on an oligoantigenic diet. 2 Research supports the use of the Feingold diet and supplements for ADHD, while research against following a special diet for ADHD is limited. 3 It is recommended to consult a doctor before following an ADHD diet. 3

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Summary This study evaluated the reliability of a non-blinded rating of the ADHD Rating Scale IV (ARS) for the assessment of ADHD effects in comparison to a blinded rating of the ARS based on pseudonymized video recordings. The results showed that both blinded and unblinded ratings of the ARS revealed significant improvements of ADHD symptoms in children an OD in this uncontrolled trial, and that RCTs are urgently needed to get unbiased effect sizes in combination with more objective measuring methods.
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Weed disease-causing irritants out of your diet with this 3-step oligoantigenic plan. irritants out of your diet with this 3-step oligoantigenic plan.
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Oligoantigenic Diet List Fruits. Fruits allowed on the oligoantigenic diet include bananas, apples and pears. You are supposed to eat only one... Vegetables. The only vegetable allowed in this oligoantigenic …
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The “ oligoantigenic ” or “few foods” diet : This diet is most often used in research studies, as it consists of a very small number of foods and is difficult for individuals…
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While you shouldn't take supplements without the approval of your healthcare professional, there are foods you can eat that are high in the vitamins and minerals that are often found…
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Enter Anti-Inflammatory Diets Eliminate most of the Pesky Eight foods (although seafood is usually encouraged if a person knows they are not truly... Eliminate processed foods, refined foods, including sugars.…
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An elimination diet, also known as exclusion diet, is a diagnostic procedure used to identify foods that an individual cannot consume without adverse effects. Adverse effects may be due to…
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The few foods diet is also known as: an oligoantigenic diet an elimination diet a hypoallergenic diet It focuses on the elimination of foods known to cause allergic reactions. The…
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